A Rich History

The Thomasville Garden Club was organized in 1914 “to cultivate flowers, to create civic pride; to add to the beauty that nature has already so bountifully given us; to make Thomasville a more lovely place in which to live, and to foster in our children a love of the beautiful.”

The first years were spent in encouraging individual planting and fighting to preserve and protect trees. In one instance, the founder, Mrs. Harris, guarded an oak with her trusty shot gun. The tree is standing today.

The twenties began Garden Club sponsorship of flower shows. The first Rose Show was in 1921. In 1928, the Thomasville Garden Club became one of the twenty-eight charter members of Georgia Federated Garden Club.

The 1930s saw city government approval of establishing a Tree Committee. Dogwood trees were planted on city streets, civic campuses and parks. Roses were planted along the streets. Thomasville’s first Camellia Show was held in 1939.

The early 40s were dedicated to the struggle of keeping the flower shows going on a reduced scale. The first donations of the “dream home for Thomasville Garden Club were made.

In 1948, the Club incorporated seven clubs: Briarcliff, Caprice, Countess Vandal, Killarney Queen, Rambler Rose, Talisman and Tallyho, each with one or more civic projects and Thomasville became a bird sanctuary. In 1957-58 Nocturne Club was added, but in 1958-59 Caprice closed, reducing the number of clubs to seven. In 1961-62 Carousel was formed and in 1966-67 Granada came into being, bringing the number of clubs up to nine.